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What is Dork Mustache and how do I communicate with it?

Dork Mustache are a couple of swell guys who love hip-hop. A couple of dorks with mustaches and a mission to share good rap music, especially from lesser known artists who we feel deserve more recognition. We aren’t concerned with posting generic news or  revealing who’s dating who–we honestly couldn’t give less of a shit. There are countless places to go for news and gossip. On DorkMustache.com ye shall only find a treasure trove of great music, features, and humorous/interesting/batshit crazy opinions in the form of editorials.


It should be clear that all content posted on DorkMustache.com is released by the artists themselves to be shared on their YouTube channels, blogs or FB/Twitter pages. They are all legal and free mp3 files. There are no illegal download links to albums or any other piracy on DorkMustache.com, only links to FREE mixtapes released by the artists. If you are an artist and you find something that should not be on our blog, contact us on the email below and we will remove it.

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Of course we accept music submissions from artists and feedback from readers. We only post music we genuinely like. If we don’t post your song, we may have missed it, or we simply didn’t like it. Send another. Wait till your new single drops and send that. Just because we didn’t like one song, doesn’t mean we won’t like another.

So if you’ve got music to share, suggestions for our blog, wish to proclaim your love for us, or maybe just want to send us hastily written death threats, you can contact us at:


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